Ease of Use

Here at Cantatis, we try to make things easy to use.

We do this by using the products we create!

Sounds simple, but many designers of electronic products don't do this.

How many times have you bought a new phone, for example, only to be baffled by its complexity?

How many times have you bought a graphics card only to spend a month getting it set up 'right'?

How many times have you bought a software application to do a simple job only to be confused by a plethora of options you will never use?

Complexity is great!!! WRONG!!!

Well, we don't want you to have that sort of experience, so we've designed our products to be very easy... easy to install... easy to set up... easy to use... and easy to be used with other things too.

So, what does this mean?

Overture 192 Audio Output Interface

Here are some examples of what we've done with the Overture 192...

No big metallic covers to clash with other PCI cards in your computer.

No external power supplies that have to be plugged in - all that's required comes from the PCI connector.

No switches or jumpers to select.

No bundles of cables hanging out of the back of your computer, getting in the way.

Software installation is a breeze - just insert the CD into your computer and then there's only two halves to the process:

  1. Install the control application.
  2. Install the driver.

All from one simple installer. That's it!

Our software driver is a standard WDM driver - meaning that all Windows applications can 'see' the device and use it with no fuss.

It can also easily be used with ASIO drivers from many 3rd parties - making this an ultra low latency interface for those that require it e.g. in the production of music, or where synchronisation is important.

Our control application controls only the set-up of the product and most importantly does not get in the way of the audio path at all:

  • No graphic equaliser.
  • No separate volume control.
  • No bass boost.
  • No audio profiling.
  • No special effects.

In our control application you can mute the separate outputs, check levels, and set the sample rate for the audio output... that's it!

So, gone are the days of having several things controlling the volume of your audio output, with some cutting and some boosting volumes and ending up with a thoroughly distorted noise! Gone!

For expert users, the whole process is blindingly simple - plug in the card, power up, install the software... and you're ready to use the Overture 192 to get fantastic audio quality from your computer.

For the novice - it's just the same!


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